Members of the Tamaqua Fire Department spent more than three hours in freezing temperatures searching for the source of a mysterious strong gas-like odor emanating from sewer lines, pipes and basements of homes located within the 500 block of Hazle Street.

A majority of the strong odor was limited to 515 through 533 Hazle Street. Fire Chief Tom Hartz and many of the affected residents stated the strong headache-inducing smell didn't seem like fuel oil, but rather that of gasoline or a very similar-like smell.

Firefighters went door to door talking to residents, searching basements, covering drains, uncovering manholes and checking fuel tanks. Borough worker Jack Steele also helped in the investigation.

Firefighters also placed large exhaust fans at various exits of the affected homes. Despite tiring efforts, the smell's origin couldn't be traced.

Fire Police closed off the area for the duration of the response. No injuries were reported.