Eleven students from the L.B. Morris Elementary School traveled to the Intermediate Unit building in Schnecksville to compete in the CLIU Regional Middle School Computer Fair.

The L.B. Morris students had five entries in three different categories entered in the Fair.

Those categories were Digital Video, Multimedia, and Graphic Design.

Seventh grade students Ilse Hassler, Jordan McElmoyle, and Derrick Pope's entry in the Digital Video category used iMovie to create a video showing each of them, along with two other students, saying a line from Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech.

They also created a custom song on Garage Band that played at the beginning and end of their movie.

In the Multimedia category, seventh grade students Kailey Boger and Marquise Cruz made an interactive presentation called "Are You Smarter".

They based it on the TV show "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader" and incorporated video of each of them asking a basic computer question and the user had to choose the correct answer.

Kailey and Marquise also created a soundtrack in Garage Band.

In the Digital Video category, eighth grader Josiah Behrens created a video called "The Making of JT's School Musical".

He used iMovie and Garage Band and incorporated digital images and video of various stages of the production of this year's musical South Pacific.

Eighth graders Makenzie Walk and Talia Valentinis entry in the Multimedia category was a slideshow created in PowerPoint that highlighted three area soldiers.

They included a video of fellow students thanking the soldiers and created a custom song that played through their presentation.

In the Graphic Design category, eighth grade students Veronica Vogel, Devon Matz, and Jeanna Struble had contacted the Carbon County Friends of Animals shelter to ask permission to design a logo for them.

Once the logo, which was designed with MS Word, was created they showed it in various applications such as a T-shirt, letterhead, a magnet, and a sticker.

Their Graphic Design project won first place and will advance to the State Computer Fair on May 25th at Dickenson College in Carlisle, PA.

They hope to use the new logo that they created to design T-shirts to help raise funds for the Carbon County Friends of Animals.