The Palmerton Area Library is starting a scrapbook about the history of the library. They have tons of newspaper clippings and pictures. The Palmerton Area High School Girls' Soccer team have volunteered to take on this project. They will be working every Saturday in March and April at 10:30 a.m. at the library. The Friends of the Library have supplied the materials for the book. The library is looking for anyone who may have old pictures to donate or who might be able to come to the library to identify people in some of the pictures. The girls, like (left to right) Ashley Plocinik, Sarah Andrews, Missy Hargreaves-president of the Girls' Soccer Team's Parents Booster Club, Mariann Kmetz-Palmerton Library assistant director, Brooke Horn and Kaylee Blasiak are having a great time looking through all the old stuff, seeing how much the library has changed over the years.