Impact Dance Teams from Dance with Kim School of Performing Arts, Lehighton, enjoyed a successful 2011 competition season.

Team students attended Lehigh Valley Dance Challenge in Allentown. Junior and senior teams received gold, high gold and platinum awards in ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary/modern categories.

The junior team received a first place overall for its tap piece "Jumpin' Jack," and also a special judges' recognition award for "Darling Divas."

The senior team received a first place overall for its jazz piece "Baby, I'm a Star," and a judges' recognition award "Smiles for Miles." The team also received a second place overall award for its contemporary piece "Glitter in the Air," a third place overall for its tap piece "Man With a Hex," and a fifth place overall for its ballet piece "Prayer."

A best original costume and choreography award was given to Lillian Brown for her tap "Beetlejuice. The Broadway Baby award went to Tia Brownmiller for her pantomime "Spanish Rosa;" The Show Must Go On award to Kaitlin Schlanta for her jazz number, "Little Shop of Horrors;" Sassy Style Award went to Brittany Semmel for her jazz number "Wikked Lil Grrrlzz;" and the Fancy Footwork Award went to Tiffany Erney for her tap piece, "Dragons."

Kaitlyn Shlanta was fourth overall highest scoring junior soloist, with Jordyn Zwetolitz placing fifth. Alyssa Smith received fifth overall highest scoring senior soloist. Tia Brownmiller was named Junior Miss Lehigh Valley.

Dance With Kim School of Performing Arts received the "Most Entertaining" studio award.

At the Starpower Competition in Montgomery, N.J., the Junior Impact team received 4 1/2 Stars for its ballet, tap and contemporary pieces with a first place champion award for "Amore" and "Note to God."

"Jumpin' Jack" was the seventh overall highest scoring junior group. The senior Impact team received 4 1/2 stars for its jazz, ballet, contemporary and tap pieces with first place champion awards going to "Baby, I'm a Star," "Prayer" and "Glitter in the Air." "Man With a Hex" was eighth overall highest scoring senior group, while "Glitter in the Air" was 10th.

The Special Judges recognition awards were a Power Pak Nomination to Brianna Holtzer for "Scatman;" Sassy Spanish Award to Tia Brownmiller for "Spanish Rosa;" and Diva on the Stage Award went to Brittany Semmel for "Wikked Lil Grrrlzz." Brittany was also named second runner up for Miss Starpower.

At the Starbound National Talent Competition in Scranton, the mini, junior and senior Impact teams received gold, high gold and elite gold awards for their jazz, tap, ballet and contemporary pieces.

The mini Impact team was awarded first place for overall highest scoring group for "Sea Cruise" and second place overall for "Splish Splash." The junior Impact team received first place overall for highest scoring group for "Jumpin' Jack" and fifth place overall for "Note to God." The senior Impact team received second place for overall highest scoring group for "Man With a Hex."

Starbound's top 10 overall junior soloists were fourth place to Alyssa Smith, fifth to Jordyn Zwetolitz, seventh to Tia Brownmiller and ninth to Lillian Brown.

Fifth place overall duo went to Angeline Castagna and Kaitlyn Shlanta. Brittany Semmel received two top 10 awards, seventh for jazz and tenth for ballet.

Special Judges awards were: Excellent Use of Stage award to Tia Brownmiller for "Spanish Rosa," Fierce Battement award to Brittany Semmel for "Wikked Lil Grrrlzz," Shimmy and Shake award to MINI Impact team for "Splish Splash," and High Energy award to Senior Impact team for "Baby I'm a Star."

At the Showstopper Talent Competition, Lancaster, the junior and senior Impact teams received gold and platinum awards.

Soloists performing at competitions were Lillian Brown, Tia Brownmiller, Angeline Castagna, Paige Hemingway, Brianna Holtzer, Kaitlyn Shlanta, Jordyn Zwetolitz, Elizabeth Anthony, Elizabeth Beck, Christi Beddiges, Tiffany Erney, Haley Haggerty, Jordan Lorah, Brittany Semmel, Alyssa Smith, Kaitlin Smith, Emily Snyder and Riley Zimmerman.

Dance With Kim dancers will be featured in the 24th annual production, "Wild About Dance," on June 18 at Lehighton Area High School.

Summer dance camps begin July 18. A free Hip Hop Class for boys, featuring guest instructor Dominick Boyd, will be held Thursday, Aug. 11, from 6-7:30 p.m. for ages 8 and up. For more information call (610) 377-4884 or visit [1].