The Mother Pauline Thrift Shop has opened in Jim Thorpe in the former convent of the Sisters of Christian Charity located by St. Joseph Catholic Church at 27 West 6th St.

It's named after Mother Pauline who founded the Sisters of Christian Charity who were there at St. Joseph for 130 years and were actually co-founders of the parish.

The sister who was there teaching when the church was being built was the one who actually picked out of the stained glass windows for it because she wanted to teach the children the scriptures using them.

Volunteer Rose Mroz noted that the thrift shop was opened not only to benefit the local community but the surrounding communities as well.

"We have a lot of beautiful donations here, we don't put anything out that we don't think is worth selling."

"We have a lady who comes in and looks through the clothing just to see what may need sewing."

She's a seamstress, so if anything comes in that's really nice but has a small hole in it, she will take it and fix it.

They gladly accept donations but they would like to look at any large pieces of furniture first before they accept them.

Small item donations can be dropped off on the back porch of the thrift shop.

The proceeds from the Mother Pauline Thrift Shop go to the support of Saint Joseph Regional Academy.

It is open Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 9 a.m.To 1 p.m. and anyone with questions about the thrift shop or donating items can call 570-325-3731.