Last evening, Lehighton Area School District hosted the third in a series of community Drug and Alcohol Awareness meetings.

Facilitating the session, Lehighton Area High School Principal Tim Tkach said, "What used to go on in college now goes on in middle school. We can't just bury our heads in the sand anymore."

Those in attendance were divided into three subcommittees – parents, school representatives, and community organizations/ agencies. Each group was charged to discuss answers to the following questions:

Ÿ What are specific problems relative to this subcommittee area?

Ÿ What are some proposed solutions for these problem areas?

Ÿ What are some possible financial assistance ideas to help the Lehighton Drug and Alcohol Initiative?

Ÿ What other groups can or should be involved? Also, are there any other key persons who should be involved?

Ÿ Is there anything else that you feel should be addressed?

Following the breakout session, the three subcommittees reconvened in LAHS auditorium.

0A 1989 graduate of LAHS, Pennsylvania State Representative Doyle Heffley, briefly addressed the task force, saying, "The solution won't be found in Harrisburg. It's going to come from our local communities."

According to Superintendent James Kraky, "Brainstorming is a key component in this process. We have to take back our community." He thanked the task force for their time and dedication.

The meeting concluded with Tkach stressing, "We're on the right path. I know it's scary, but we can't give up."

No meeting is scheduled for August. The task force will meet again in September to talk about the results of the breakout session discussions by the three subcommittees. All community adults are invited and encouraged to attend and become involved – as well as community agencies, churches, and other organizations.

For more information about LASD in general and the Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program specifically, visit [1].