Beltzville Bar and Grill held its annual golf tournament on May 14 at the Villa Crossings in Mahoning. After the tournament, the golfers were treated to a pig roast with all the trimmings at Beltzville Bar and Grill and tickets to the pig roast were sold at the door.

With the profit that it made, the Beltzville Bar and Grill golf tournament committee was able to make a donation to Effort UMC's Supplemental Food Resource Center, Effort in the amount of $3,373.

Accepting the check on behalf of the Center was Mark Baylis, the director.

"We're very grateful for this donation. We tried having our own fundraiser a few weeks ago and didn't do half as well," he said.

Currently the Center is serving an average of 50 families in the West End area.

It takes about $35,000 a year to stock the Center's shelves. While it is grateful for any and all donations, the Center does try to provide foods rich in nutrients and protein, which is very important for school age children.

The Garden of Giving and some gardeners supply the Center with fresh vegetables and fruit during the growing season.

Deana Burger, co-owner of Beltzville Bar and Grill with her husband, Jeff, said the committee comes up with several names of organizations considered for the donation.

They were very impressed with the presentation Baylis gave.

"With the economy the way it is, we decided to give our donation to help our local families," said Deana.

"This donation will provide funds for about two months worth of grocery shopping. Nothing like this works unless outside people, like this group, help. I can't say enough good things about them," he said.