A McAdoo property owner purged himself of a contempt of court citation issued by a Schuylkill County judge by agreeing to connect to the McAdoo Borough Sewer Authority's sanitary sewer system.

After Wayne C. Kapish, 41 S. Kennedy Drive, relented and agreed to connect to the system, Judge Charles M. Miller handed down an order on how payments must be made. Kapish initially has to pay $500 each on arrearages of two properties, 307 E. Blaine St. and 322 E. Blaine St. and then $50 monthly on each property until all arrearages are paid.

It has been a long battle by the authority against properties which have failed to comply with an order issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, an ordinance by borough council and a resolution by the sewer authority..

The authority began a suit in equity in the county court against property owners who had refused to connect, including Kapish. In March 2009 Miller issued an order to compel Kapish to connect and when he refused the court issued a citation for contempt of a court order last December. The parties were in court last Friday and reached a settlement with Miller warning Kapish if he didn't pay the arrearages in full he faced another contempt charge.