Known for his strong stance on government reform, state Sen. John Yudichak today applauded Gov. Tom Corbett's plan for government reform in Pennsylvania.

"If Pennsylvania government is to be effective, changes must be made to how we conduct business," Yudichak said. "I am pleased that Gov. Corbett has made government reform a top priority and I look forward to working with him and his administration to achieve these goals."

Corbett today released his plan for government reform. Number one on his list is to change the budget process to a biennial one. Corbett also plans to broaden transparency in state government by providing online access to government expenditures, consolidate state services and tighten rules for the procurement process, improve the per diem system, reduce legislative surpluses and reduce the cost of government.

"The people of Pennsylvania demand and deserve greater accountability from state government," Yudichak said. "If we are to be responsible stewards of the public's trust, we must make the processes of government more transparent, ensure fiscal responsibility and eliminate waste."