Polk Elementary School and Mrs. Bush's Personal Care Home have decided to team up to for a community partnership that will connect senior residents with the youth of the community.

On Jan. 31, residents from Mrs. Bush's Personal Care Home visited Polk Elementary School for the first in a series of events to connect the youth of the community with the experienced of the community.

During this first event the residents of Mrs. Bush's Personal Care Home, along with Polk's second grade students of Miss Lee, Ms. Boyle, Mrs. Heinz, and Mrs. Lauchnor, created environmentally friendly birdfeeders using bread, eggs and birdseed. This project provided an opportunity for seniors and youth to work together to build positive relationships and learn from one another.

The fun will continue each month with a different event and a different grade level.

"We want the youth of our community to appreciate and respect the experience of its senior members. These activities provide an opportunity for the students of Polk Elementary School to understand and gain that appreciation," stated Polk Elementary School principal, Mr. Joseph Kondisko.

Polk Elementary School serves 435 students, kindergarten through 4th grade.

For additional information regarding the partnership between Polk Elementary School and Mrs. Bush's Personal Care Home, please contact Joe Kondisko, principal of Polk Elementary School at 570-402-1000 ext. 8001 or email him at kondisko. joseph@pvbears.org [1].