Dear Editor:

In a recent article in the TIMES NEWS, Ron Gower wrote a great article on the financial crisis facing our commonwealth. In that article, in case you missed it, Ron challenged our new lawmakers in Harrisburg to consider charging a modest fee at state parks. This charge could and will make such recreational areas financially self-sufficient.

Currently there are no entrance fees for the use of the park. It was noted in this article that fees are charged for community swimming pools and at county owned parks - so why not Beltzville Park and others.

Many pay for gas to get here as well as increased turnpike fees. It's time to write our new state lawmakers to enact legislation for those that use the parks to pay a year round nominal fee. Why should we ask our taxpayers to pay for all that do? Here's how you can reach our lawmakers

* Email John Yudichak at [1] or log onto to Doyle Heffley at [2].

Voice your concerns and suggest they pass legislation to implement a cost-cutting measure in the state budget by immediately enacting a use fee for our state parks.


From the pen of Ken Treger