Remember when "Flashdance" made oversize tops the craze. And the Madonna look was a fashion statement?

It was in the 80's and Friday night at Penn's Peak you have a chance to re-live those days.

Performing at Penn's Peak on Friday is Rubix Kub, the ultimate 80s tribute band.

In conjunction, there will be an 80's dress contest.

Rubix Cube will pull five members of the audience, who they feel look "like totally awesome" to participate in the contest.

All five will be given gift bags.

Then, three special prize winners will be announced.

In addition, the first 100 people coming through the door in full 80's attire receives a free glow stick necklace.

There are also 80's drink special, with 80's "happy hour" from 7-9 p.m.

Rubix Cube is described as more than just a cover band.

Totally decked out in their 80's attire, the band takes you back to the time of mini skirts, leg warmers, and valley girls.

Incidentally, the band was named after one of the top novelty items in the 80's: Rubix Cube.