As last evening's Mahoning Township meeting drew to a close, Chairperson John Wieczorek recognized outgoing supervisor George Stawnyczyj for his service over the last six years, one of which was served as board chairman.

"This is my last meeting. I've completed my six years and while I found it frustrating at times, 95 percent of the time was a rewarding experience," said Stawnyczyj, who was presented with a plaque.

"I know I've butted horns with many of you but I always tried to serve the township in what I did. I have always tried to do my best for the township and I want to thank you all for the opportunity," he added in an emotional tone.

Wieczorek and Supervisor Travis Steigerwalt both commented on serving together with Stawnyczyj over the last four years.

"I really liked working with you George and learning your view of things. We will miss the areas of knowledge you brought with you to the position," Steigerwalt said.

Stawnyczyj was elected in November of 2005, replacing a former supervisor, the late David Schappell. He served for two years as a supervisor, beginning in January 2006, before being elected chairman of the board in 2008. He served in that capacity for a year as well as on the road crew committee, and as representative of the Lehigh Canal Recreation Commission for the majority of his term of office.

Last year, he was appointed as the township's emergency management coordinator and said he still plans to serve the township in that capacity.

When the board is seated in January, newly-elected supervisor Bruce Steigerwalt will be returning to the board. Steigerwalt was previously appointed to the board after the resignation and retirement of long time supervisor and secretary/treasurer Dawn Blocker.

He did not seek election to the seat he filled two years ago and left the board in December 2009, but successfully ran for election this past year. Steigerwalt is also vice chairman and former chairman of the township's planning commission.