Rush Township police in Schuylkill County are looking for 2 males who stole several thousand dollars worth of iPods and iPads from the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Hometown.

The theft occurred at 3 a.m. on Thursday. Both males in the surveillance photos and videos appear to be in their late teens to mid-20s and over 5 feet tall. The first male suspect has an above average build, black hair with possible ponytail, black chin-beard, and was wearing a black/dark-hooded sweat shirt (with white/gray hood inner), gray shirt/sweater, blue jeans and black/dark shoes.

This male also appears to be a smoker.

The other male suspect has a thin build and was wearing a red hooded sweat shirt with symmetrical pattern located on the chest, worn-style blue jeans and brown/dark shoes.

The suspects drove away in a four-door gray sedan with silver hub caps. For more photos and views of the crime, visit Tamaqua Crime Watch's website at [1].

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Rush Township Police Department at (570) 668-4242.