Posters drawn by Tamaqua Area Middle School students are on display in windows and store fronts of multiple downtown Tamaqua businesses.

The posters, representing some of the most memorable Christmas movies and cartoon specials, were done by students in Kim Woodward's art class as a special holiday project.

The locations of the posters were determined and placed Thursday morning.

Woodward said she was inspired for the project by memories of growing up in Tamaqua, when businesses would let students paint art on their windows during holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.

"We just want to share them with the community," said Woodward. "We wanted to get this done prior to Tamaqua's Spirit of Christmas Festival Santa Parade on Friday."

The students are not receiving a grade for their artwork, said Woodward.

"They are doing this as an extra activity and because they simpy enjoy the holidays and spreading holiday cheer," she added.