Dear Editor:

This letter has to do with the travel back up in Tamaqua, especially Center and Railroad streets. I was down on Center Street at Burger King and I could not believe the back up of the traffic. One of the drivers coming up told me if backed up about two miles or more south. Another driver when I got up on Railroad Street told me it was backed up all the way up the hill to Hometown.

I know it is because of the construction at Cedar Street bridge, but where are the Tamaqua police that they are not helping out in some way? Or the state police or state workers directing the traffic. There has to be something that can be done to help out. Get the fire police and our local police out and do something. They all get paid one way or another. I was a fire policeman for about 10 years and we never got a penny for our work then.

Come on borough council, try to do something about all this going on now days. Work for the people, the tax payers, of this town. Thank you for letting my opinion said.

Edward R. Rummel,

85 year oldTamaqua citizen