Lansford has a new borough secretary-treasurer.

During the borough council meeting on Wednesday, council President Adam Webber introduced Beth Ann Seymour of Coaldale as the borough's new secretary. She began her new position on Aug. 1 and replaced former secretary Renee Slakoper, who resigned on May 25.

Councilwoman Rose Mary Cannon commented that Beth, as well as councilwoman Mary Kruczek, have gotten a "tremendous amount of work done in the office" and that it is "starting to look like a real office again."

According to a previous article published in the TIME NEWS, problems in the office of bills not being paid, unrecorded deposits, and paperwork going missing has been occurring since March 2010, when Slakoper was hired after secretary-treasurer Nicole (Tessitore) Beckett resigned to take a position with Lehighton Borough.

"Since then, the borough has plunged into a financial quagmire, with bills going unpaid, accounts not reconciled and deposits not recorded."

Kruczek had volunteered to straighten out the mess and has been working on sorting through the piles and recording information to get Lansford back up to speed.

Cannon questioned the conditions of employment that Seymour received when she was hired. Conditions of employment outlines some of the requirements of the secretary.

Webber said that the conditions were the same ones that had been given to Slakoper.

Cannon then made a motion to review the conditions. The motion passed 5-1.

A second motion was also made to have Seymour trained in QuickBooks. The motion also passed.

In related matters, council members were not happy that Webber didn't consult with anyone before making a decision to have another borough do the Lansford's last payroll.

Cannon asked Webber why he took it upon himself to ask Kira Michalik, the Summit Hill borough secretary, to complete payroll without council's permission.

Webber explained that he "asked Kira to come down and help process payroll because our secretary-treasurer has not been trained in it yet."

"I wanted to get her trained as soon as possible," he added, noting that councilwoman Mary Kruczek did not have time to train Beth Ann Seymour, the new borough secretary-treasurer, yet.

Kruczek asked why it was assumed that she would be the one responsible for training Seymour because it had never been discussed by council.

She noted that no one ever brought up training Seymour when she was hired.

Kruczek added that before Seymour could be trained properly, the office needed to be straightened out, including paying all bills, bringing the financial books up-to-date and sifting through mounds of paperwork that has not yet been filed.