A Parryville homeowner will have to clean up his property. That is what Parryville Council wants to see happen soon to a home on Main Street.

A next door neighbor to the home which needs repairs at 204 Main Street said that he is not asking for his neighbor to do extensive remodeling, but that he wants something done about the terrible odor coming from his neighbor's home.

"The smell is worse from my patio," he said. "I believe it is coming from underneath the back porch."

Council president Mike Grant said that council has hired an engineer to serve as the code enforcement officer. Grant said that council is hoping to get a timeline for improvements to the property.

'This is the first time we've have a code enforcement officer that can take care of unsafe issues," said Grant.

The neighbor continued, that he feels the home is unsafe for the young children who live inside the home. He said he noted that the home is in danger of falling down because he has noticed that the window frames are off by two inches and the front porch settled five inches. "The children have no say. I know they don't have a lot of money but this home is unsafe."

Council discussed purchasing new code enforcement books for residents to purchase.

Grant noted that the surveying was completed on property adjacent to the borough building in preparation to build a salt shed.

Grant also noted that council will be moving forward on complying with Act 537. Grant said that the first phase is to determine what options are available for council to choose from, associated costs and responsibilities.

"This is a process and first we need to find out the emerging costs," said Grant.

Secretary Dana Brubaker said that council is doing well in collecting overdue garbage bills

Greek said that Parryville has one of the best records of most local communities in collecting garbage receipts because of the methods they use and that Brubaker stays on top of the issue. Greek noted that a collection company is not involved.

Grant also noted that some streets need repairs but that the job is too small for a paving company.