It wasn't quite the scenery it had envisioned for such an epic event.

Forced indoors due to rainy weather, the Palmerton Community Band recently celebrated a century worth of music and concerts at borough hall.

Nearly 50 performers took part in the milestone concert, which commemorated the 100th anniversary of the band's formation.

Band director Joseph Plechavy said he was pleased not only with the concert itself, but also with the number of alumni that performed as well.

"We had a very good band there with all of the alumni members," said Plechavy. "The concert went really well, everyone was most pleased."

Two pieces of music were staged; one was a march, "Our Legacy", while the other was a concert piece, "Flashback". Both pieces were written by Ray Becker, past director of the Allentown Marine Band.

"It was a lot of work," Plechavy said. "It was well attended, but, unfortunately, had we have been outside, I'm sure we would have had 100 in attendance as we usually do."

Plechavy said alumni discussed the need for more students to join the band, which is always in search of new members.

"There was some discussion about having the alumni come back every year if they wanted to, so we'll see what we'll do next August," he said. "Everybody seemed to have a lot of fun."

Plechavy said the Palmerton Community Band is scheduled to perform from noon to 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 10 at the Palmerton Community Festival.

"We have one more concert at the festival," he said. "If you missed it, come to this one because some tunes from last concert will be played, and some new stuff as well."

The Palmerton Men's Band was formed in Aug. of 1911, at a meeting in the Neighborhood house after J.E. Hayes, the then superintendent of the Zinc Company plants, helped bring the musicians together.