Police in Carbon County are investigating a second report of an attempted child abduction in the past three days. Thursday afternoon Franklin Township police were dispatched to Pine Needle Drive in Saw Mill Estates after the father of a 10-year-old girl reported two persons attempted to lure his daughter into their car. The father stated his daughter was operating a motorized scooter a distance from their home when she was stopped by a male and a female in a black car, the two being of Hispanic descent. They waved for the girl to come to their car but instead she raced from the scene to the safety of her home. The car immediately turned around and fled the scene. The car displayed New Jersey registration. The incident occurred near the intersection of Pine Needle Drive and Mill Run Drive in the Acorn Run development. The first reported attempted child abduction was Tuesday in Summit Hill when it was reported a man in a black pick-up truck attempted to lure two young girls into his vehicle.