Madeling Ligenza, the Carbon Coutny Fair Association's Mistress of Ceremonies , explained what an honor it was to be crowned fair queen.

"Pennsylvania is the Keystone state. As one of the original 13 colonies, Pennsylvania was in the center, a keystone."

"Leon 'Bup' Mertz was our Keystone here at the Carbon County Fair. He gave of himself freely. Our fair women are also our Keystone. These young ladies are our ambassadors of our fair," she said.

Krisandra Livingston, the 2010 Queen, said she had a really great time as queen.

"It opened so many doors and opportunities for me. I worked with a lot of people who work at the fairs and picnics. I got to see another side of the fair. I hope the new queen has as great a time as I did," she said.

She then crowned Kalyn Lehr as the 2011 Carbon County Queen.

Kalyn is a senior at Palmerton Area High School. She is a member of the National Honor Society, track, scholastic scrimmage, chorus and community band. She plays the flute, saxophone and guitar. She hopes to go to Millersville University and major in music education. She is the daughter of Linda and William Lehr of Lehighton. She has a sister, Allyson and a brother, Billy.

Kalyn says she was quite surprised to actually win the title and says the one thing she is really looking forward to as the Carbon County Queen is attending parades.

"I love parades," she said.

Maura Kelly, a junior at Weatherly High School, is this year's runner up. Maura plays the flute, works at the rec center and loves to dance. She is a student and student instructor of Fabergé Follies. She would like to go to college after graduation for meteorology and someday work for the Weather Channel. She is the daughter of Pat and Kevin Kelly and has a brother, Brett.

Ligenza introduced this year's attendants. They were: Ally McGinley, Brynn Wentz, Erin McGinley, Karoline Hirko and Olivia Hirko. They preceded the former CCFA Queens and Runners Up on to the stage.

The former queens and some runners up all received brand new banners, thanks to the talents of Martha Moyer. Those that attended were: Vanessa Hyska, 2007, 2008, 2009 1st Runner Up; Christi Graver, 2007 Queen; Emily Mitchell, 2008 Queen; Kristy Rodgers, 2001 Queen; Krisandra Livingston, 2010 Queen; Diana Livingston, 2010 1st Runner Up; Tiffany Erney, 2010 2nd Runner Up.