The TIMES NEWS was invited to meet Corey Feldman on the set of the new horror movie being filmed by B. Harrison Smith, "Six Degrees of Hell" at the location of the Hotel of Horrors in Saylorsburg.

Feldman, who just turned 40 in July, greeted his visitors, seeming perfectly at home in one of the Hotel's bedrooms, a macabre setting of cobwebs, blood-spattered walls with a dead body lying on the bed.

Feldman has starred in such hits as "Gremlins," "Stand By Me," "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter," and "The Lost Boys (I-III)."

He has appeared on 50 TV shows, starred in the TV series "Dweebs" and the first celebrity-driven reality series "The Surreal Life" on WB network. He co-starred with the late Corey Haim in the A&E reality show "The Two Coreys."

Besides being a film and television star, Feldman formed the band Truth Movement to fulfill his desire to write and perform with honesty. Feldman and the band tour in live shows when he's not acting The band has released four albums. He is editing Truth Movement's first ever live DVD and he has big plans for Truth Movement and the environment in the works.

TIMES NEWS: How did you get into the movie business?

COREY: It was like forced entry. My parents got me into it. They took me to auditions when I was very young. I did a McDonald's gift certificate commercial when I was three years old and it won a Cleo Award. It ran until I was around 10. We went to two-three auditions a day.

When I was five years old, I did the voice of Young Copper in Disney's 'Fox and the Hound.' When I was six, I did the movie 'Time After Time.' By the time I was 10, I had been in about 100 commercials, appeared in several TV sitcoms and I had my first lead in 'Gremlins' in 1981.

TIMES NEWS: Out of all the films you've made, which one is your favorite?

COREY: 'Goonies.' It was an amazing adventure. It was like being at an adventure park every day. It had waterslides, pirates and I got to work with Stephen Spielberg. Famous people would come visit on the set and we got to meet people like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Pee Wee Herman. It was like a big fun outing that lasted for six months.

Artistically speaking, my favorites are 'Dream A Little Dream' and 'Birthday.'"

TIMES NEWS: Who was your favorite movie star when you were growing up?

COREY: Harrison Ford. He got to play Han Solo in the 'Star Wars' trilogy and Indiana Jones, all really cool parts. Today, I admire Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.

TIMES NEWS: What's the best part of being an actor?

COREY: Chicks dig you and kids think your cool.

TIMES NEWS: Speaking of kids, do you have any?

COREY: Yeah. Zen. He turns 7 on Sunday. He's so great!

TIMES NEWS: What's one thing the public might not know about Corey Feldman?

COREY: I spend my life focusing on the positive. I advocate the truth.