Dear Editor:

I recently attended representative Barletta's town hall meeting at the AmVets in Lansford. I was hoping to see and hear some intelligent answers from the congressman, but I was very disappointed. I was disappointed because the one person who actually questioned the congressman about the proposed budget that he supports was screamed at by tables full of Lehighton 9/12 group members.

For a group that believes in individual rights, they sure don't respect the free speech of anyone else. Anyone that voiced even a slightly different view than what the group advocates was screamed at, told to shut up and sit down.

Town hall events such as this are for ALL constituents of the district, not just a fanatical micro-segment of it. Sandy Dellicker and her cronies would be better served to remember others rights the next time they decide to throw a temper tantrum in the face of something that they don't want to hear.

Additionally, congressman Barletta refused to answer questions when asked about his refusal to vote to raise the debt ceiling.

Harold James

Summit Hill