Receiving a total of $313,562 in federal grants through School Libraries Program, enabled the Panther Valley High School to put on Literacy Night/Arts Fest 2011.

Through the efforts of Beth Walsh and Janet Fisher of the school district,appplying for the grant, out of 470 applications from other schools was narrowed down to only 49 recipients. Panther Valley was able to be equipped with the BOOKIT (Books and Opening Opportunity for Kids with Information Technology) program and an online catalogue called "Destiny" for grades K-12.

The system will provide research data bases and accelerated reader for the middle school.

The catalogue system will be able to be accessed day and night and provide E-books.

The BrainPop program is an interactive program that will allow grades K-12 to access the program at home.

The school libraries are open for the public's convenience on a Tuesday night until 7:30 at the high school, on a Wednesday until 7 p.m. at the elementary school, and on a Thursday until 7 p.m. at the middle school.

This enables people to come in and use the computers and books.

Through the Library Grant an added source of technolgy gave the elementary school 30 Netbooks, the middle school 30 Netbooks, and the high school 10 Netbooks.

The elementary school got 1,201 books for a cost of $24,779, the middle school got 1,284 books for $39,558, an the high school received 1,296 books for $54,337.

During the presentation various forms of art were on display such as ceramic projects, and paintings.

Student performers sang and played instruments in the coffee house (library) and held an open mic setting with light refreshments.