When Pleasant Valley School District holds its Academic Fair, it celebrates its students' intelligence, creativity, versatility, ingenuity, talents and artistry by featuring work they have done throughout the school year.

This year's 11th Annual Academic Fair featured musical performances, science projects, book reports, dioramas, the popular Safety Town, technical presentations and displays and so much more. From reproductions of King Tut's sarcophagus to the Pompeii volcano, Stonehenge, beautiful weavings, wood crafts, wire art, ceramics to science experiments.

This year, a Health Fair was added, sharing information about the importance of health and wellness.

Balloons were handed out and pictures could be taken with the PV Bear mascot in the Science wing.

Visitors could take a walk back in time at the 50th Anniversary Tribute display, viewing photos of students throughout the school's 50 years.

Joseph and Tanya Caponsacco of Brodheadsville attended the event with their sons Elric, a PVMS 8th grader and Garion, a PVI 6th grader, and daughter, Corum, a Chestnuthill 4th grader.

"We love the Academic Fair. We come every year. We enjoy seeing not only our children's projects but those of all the other students in all the grades," said Tanya Caponsacco.