Members of the U. S. Navy Club of Carbon County stopped by Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic School on Monday to present a program about the U. S. flag to the students.

As a newly formed organization, the members had a lot of enthusiasm about the U. S. flag. Scott Reinhart, commandant of the organization, held the flag by his hands as Stanley Jaroszewski, senior executive officer, explained how a flag should be displayed from various positions and had students assist with a presentation of the progression of the flag. They also taught the students the correct way to fold a flag.

The children learned that they should always respect the flag and to never let it drop onto the ground.

As part of the program, they also taught the students what each fold means as the flag was folded into a triangle and the proper way to dispose of a dirty, torn or tattered flag. Reinhart said that a flag must be retired with respect during a special program before it is respectfully disposed of.

"We served our country in peace and war," said Jaroszewski. "The flag honors the brave men and women who served."

Reinhart said that the flag has 50 stars to represent the 50 states and 13 red and 13 white stripes to represent the 13 colonies.

The program concluded with school principal Sherry Sernak presenting a tattered flag to the organization for a proper retirement. She also presented a new flag to the student council which will be flown at the school.

Members of the U. S. Navy Club of Carbon County offer to present the flag program to schools and organizations.