A Tamaqua man was one of three defendants who had their parole and probations revoked by Schuylkill County judges.

Zachory Scott Trevorah, 25, of 326 N. Railroad St., had his parole revoked by Senior Judge D. Michael Stine for violating terms of his probation, chiefly for failing to report weekly to his probation officer and abstain from unlawful possession of controlled substance.

He was recommitted to the county prison to serve his original sentence and his 250 days of liberty taken away extending his maximum date for release to June 17, 2012. However, the first day he may apply for reparole is Jan. 1, 2012, but it must include he is willilng to undergo sexual offender evaluation and carry out any programs recommended.

Trevorah pleaded guilty in November 2009 to charges of statutory sexual assault and corruption of minors as cited by Tamaqua Cpl. Henry Woods, and after serving six months in prison was released on parole.

Kevin Matthew Mabry, 25, Buck Run, Foster Township, had his probation and parole revoked by Judge Stine for violating terms and was recommitted to the county prison to serve his original sentence without credit for time of liberty. He is eligible to apply for reparole Sept. 30, 2011.

Mabry pleaded guilty in March 2010 to disorderly conduct cited by Pottsville Patrolman Brian Kotzmoyer, and was placed on probation. It was revoked last October and he later was again reparoled.

Quinton Joseph Noti, 45, Pottsville, had his probation revoked by President Judge William E. Baldwin for violating terms set by the court and was resentenced on a charge of harassment to serve his originally imposed sentence of three to 12 months in the county prison. On a charge of disorderly conduct he was ordered to serve an additional 12 months on probation.