After a several month hiatus, students in the Nothern Lehigh School District returned to their classrooms on Tuesday.

But, in many respects, it was as if they never left, as pupils anxiously exited their buses and made their way into Slatington Elementary to mark the first day of school.

Even as construction was under way as part of a wide-scale renovation project to the school, the pupils went about their business and appeared to march to the beat of their own drums.

A glance at the pupils as they returned to the classroom was a welcome site for Slatington Elementary Principal Linda Marcincin, who said the school had an "excellent start to the school year."

"When they pulled up in the buses this morning, I just enjoyed seeing their smiling faces," Marcincin said. "Looking from the windows in the buses, the students seemed happy, happy to be back."

Marcincin said the students "seemed to enjoy reconnecting with their friends."

"During the day, we had assemblies to review expectations and behavior, and each grade level was well behaved and attentive," she said. "The students looked anxious to get back to school."

Marcincin said the students exhibited "positive energy throughout the day."

"It was a great day today," she said. "We're off to a good start."

Superintendent Michael Michaels shared the same belief.

"We had an outstanding opening; the best one since I've been here," Michaels said. "That includes our new bus transportation company, that includes the renovations at Slatington Elementary; everything is going very, very smooth."

Michaels attributed much of the success to "advanced planning and preparation."

"I think a lot of that had to do with our high school doing the orientations, Slatington doing an orientation for the third grade," he said. "We're doing all the preliminary work ahead of time, which makes for a smooth, safe transition where the kids feel very comfortable when they entered the school for the first time."

Michaels said he couldn't have asked for a better start to the school year.

"We had a great opening," he said. "I hope every day goes as smooth as today has."