The Panther Valley School Board held a special meeting last night, following a one hour executive session. At the beginning of the meeting, president Jeff Markovich said that the executive session was held to discuss a personnel matter concerning head football coach Frank Damian.

The proposed agenda for the meeting had only one item on it, the recommended approval of Matt Davis as interim head coach for Friday, October 22. Damian voluntarily removed himself from the sidelines for that game against traditional rival, Tamaqua.

Board member R. Mickey Angst requested that the meeting be adjourned and the matter be voted on at the next regular board meeting. Although he received a second for his motion, it failed to pass with a 3-6 vote. Angst stated that if he had to vote on the proposed item, he would "need to ask questions that would best be asked after the football season."

After the motion to adjourn failed, Angst asked why Davis needed to be appointed as head coach for that date. Superintendent Rosemary Porembo said that the team did not have a head coach for that night and the situation needed to be addressed. Additional information was determined by the district's solicitor Robert Yurchak to be a personnel matter and therefore was not discussed at the public meeting.

The board approved Davis as the interim head coach for October 22. Athletic director Kristen Black said that Damian has resumed his head coaching duties and has fulfilled them, with the exception of October 22.