Although Wal-Mart had its grand opening Wednesday, there are still issues which need resolution to match the development plans submitted to the township at the start of the project according to the township engineer T&M Associates' letter. But the supervisors, following a discussion, unanimously approved the plan subject to the fulfillment of the conditions outlined in the engineer's letter.

In a letter to the board township engineer Tim Edinger commented there did not appear to be permanent storm water controls established in the detention ponds on the site. Project engineer Skip Schneider said the controls are in place.

"Within each detention pond, there is a permanent riser made of a thick concrete. In front of these structures are temporary risers to handle sedimentation and erosion from the construction site," Scheider said.

Supervisor Frank Ruch said, "I'm reading from this letter [from T&M] and it says the permanent storm water controls are not in place." Schneider said they are definitely there but the temporary structures are also in the basins to handle the issue until the grass on the slopes grows enough to be stabilized.

Supervisor Linda Benner asked if the water pressure was adequate for the center. Building Inspector Carl Faust said the dry risers were tested and there was sufficient pressure in place.

Faust told the board there were still issues with emergency lighting , the alarm system and the panel's board. He had not issued an occupancy permit prior to the meeting due to these issues, but said that if those issues were resolved before the grand opening, would the board be acceptable to issuing a temporary occupancy permit until the other plan issues were addressed.

Supervisors voted unanimously to approve the final plan subject to the completion of the improvements as outlined in T&M's letter which also approved Faust's concern with the temporary permit.