Culminating weeks of competition, which had seen the original group of 25 competitors narrowed down to nine finalists, the title of "Jim Thorpe Idol 6" was awarded to Caitlin Henninger. The final evening of competition was held in the auditorium of Jim Thorpe Area High School.

For her presentationCaitlin sang "Pyramid." She did an encore of song after the announcement of her victory.

As "Jim Thorpe Idol" Caitlin received a trophy and the $250 prize that goes with it. She will also be performing in a 30-second television commercial produced by VIAMEDIA, a Lehigh Valley-based cable television advertising agency, under the assistance of Viamedia senior account executive Angela Nardini.

The Jim Thorpe Idol commercial will be aired during a five-week run beginning Monday, Nov. 22 until Sunday, Dec. 26, and will be seen on Blue Ridge Communications in the Carbon County area on A&E; CMT; MTV; VH1; the Family Channel; CNN News Channel; Fox News Channel; MSNBC News Channel; Entertainment (E); Bravo; and TV-13's local programs.

Judges for the competition were Judy Romanisko, Angela Nardini, Sherry Schafer, Bonnie Schafer and Tim Marchetto.

In an atmosphere of controversy, it was announced that this would be the last Jim Thorpe Idol competition at least at this venue.

Natalie Kmetz, drama director at Jim Thorpe Area School District, spoke about how "a couple disgruntled parents (angered at) their children not moving on to the next competition, made life miserable for me."

She continued "I love these kids and that's all I ever wanted was to make it wonderful for kids."

Several speakers applauded all of the work and effort that Kmetz has put into the idol competitions over the years.

She was given a standing ovation by contestants and audience members alike and was also the recipient of bouquets of roses and a group hug from the Idol contestants.

"There's a lot of wonderful people that are putting different ideas together for me, and hopefully, we will be able to continue idol somewhere," she said.