Dear Editor:

There was a service held on Oct. 13, for the men and women that served our country. Veterans of the sea born services. NAVY, MARINES, COASTGUARD, AND MERCHANT MARINES.

It was a nice turn out. The service was excellent. Pastor Marjorie H. Keiter did a wonderful job.

However most of the people that attended the service were not veterans and I am thankful they showed up. The veterans that did show up were few and I thank God for them.

This was to honor their service. It was in the newspaper and I also handed out fliers. I feel bad that so many veterans did not feel it was worth coming to.

The pastor did a super job in doing the service. I have nothing but praise for her. A member of the JROTC played taps and that was great.

Maybe we will have a better turn out next time.

I remain,

Robert (Ski) Siesputowski

Summit Hill

Navy Club Chaplin Ship 260

Support Veterans