The Mahoning Township Police Department was the recipient of donations from two organizations totaling $1,400.

Both the Mahoning Township Lions Club and Mahoning Valley Ambulance Association gave $700 each, with the money being utilized to help refurbish a 2002 Ford police cruiser.

Chief of Police Kenneth J. Barnes of the Mahoning Police Department said the vehicle was refurbished at the Carbon Career and Technical Institute.

Barnes said the two organizations had made offers to assist the police department with either purchasing equipment or making donations towards equipment.

The opportunity to take the groups up on their offer came after the 2002 cruiser was refurbished.

"The car needed to be re-fitted with emergency lighting and siren equipment and that was done at Kovatch in Nesquehoning," he said. The $1,400 covers the cost for the items installed at Kovatch.

He noted that the 2002 vehicle is the oldest car in the fleet.

"I am very grateful for the donations of both organizations," said Barnes, adding that "the police and the community must act in partnership with one another."

"These two organizations have definitely shown their respective support for the police department via their generosity," he noted.