Saturday was designated as Mary Sherer Day by her many friends and family members who came to support her at the Marypalooza event held at the Big Creek Grange hall.

Pam Shoenberger, commercial sales manager at Advance Auto Parts, Lehighton, said that Mary Sherer of Parryville is her best driver and when Mary was diagnosed with lung cancer she knew she would support her in her battle.

Shoenberger organized the Marypalooza event for her friend and employee. The event raised $3,445 to help with Mary's medical expenses.

Sherer delivered for Advance Auto Parts for the past nine years.

Sherer said that on June 13 she went to the Palmerton Hospital emergency room because she had unbearable back pain for several days and thought it was her gall bladder.

Instead, an x-ray and CT scan showed she had three tumors, one in a lung, one between her lungs and another in her back, plus cancer cells were found in her lymph nodes.

She has had four chemotherapy treatments already, which have made her violently ill, but she plans to fight the disease.

Because she delivered to 10 garages in the area, she was well known by a lot of people and they all came out to the car/motorcycle fundraiser cruise on Saturday to show their support.

She has been on a medical sick leave since she was diagnosed with lung cancer.

"The garage people are like family," she said. For most of the day, Sherer had a line of garage mechanics, owners, friends and family waiting for one of her special hugs.

Mary is the wife of Lamont Sherer, and she has two sons, Cory, and Eric, a daughter-in-law, Sarah and three grandchildren.

Sherer said that she was especially surprised by the diagnose of lung cancer because she is a nonsmoker.

"My doctor told me that many people in the area with lung cancer have it because of radon," she said. "I've never smoked."

Sherer said she felt like a celebrity with the number of people who came to see her at the event.

"I'm shocked to see so many people here," she said. "I never thought so many people would come out for me."