The meeting of the Nesquehoning Borough Water Authority was held a day later than usual. The meeting conducted by president David Hawk heard comments from resident Tom Merman pertaining to meters on wells.

Merman asked the board if anything has been done yet since the borough council gave their approval to place meters on all wells in Nesquehoning. There are wells in town which still are not metered and Merman keeps on both entities (council and water athority) to do their job.

Hawk replied that no meters have been installed yet. Merman asked Hawk what is the authority waiting for. Merman said, "This town needs a lot of checking out." He plans to keep on the authority until they take action on the meters.

Mark Lopata, borough supervisor, reported that the hydrants won't be flushed or winterized until the drought ban is lifted.

The road leading to the water tank in New Columbus will be patched and in Spring permanent work will be done.

Merman also told the water authority that there is still sewerage going into the storm drains and the Black Creek (Nesquehoning Creek). Some people are still not tied into the borough's sewerage system.