A New York state fugitive was caught in Monroe County over the weekend.

Pocono Mountain Police said New York state parole officials contacted them and said they believed a fugitive from justice they wanted might be residing in the Pocono area.

The suspect was identified as Jose Angel Ortiz, 22, of Albany. He was a parole absconder and was on parole on a charge of murder two, where he gave a loaded firearm to an associate who murdered a witness/victim.

A further investigation revealed Ortiz was residing at 5583 Seven Nations Drive, in the Pocono Farms development, in Tobyhanna. On Friday, Nov. 12, about 4:25 p.m. officers observed Ortiz standing outside the residence.

He saw police and fled inside. A perimeter was established and contact was made via phone with another person inside the home. A short time later Ortiz surrendered to police.

He was fingerprinted which confirmed his identity and was he was placed under arrest for the New York warrant.