Officials from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission spent a number of hours yesterday and Tuesday inspecting and investigating the possible cause of hundreds of dead fish found floating or laying beneath the water all throughout the Little Schuylkill River

The kill stretched from the edge of the Tamaqua Borough to parts of South Tamaqua.

Various types of fish can be seen floating in clusters all throughout the river. On Tuesday, officials were notified of the dead fish.

The trail of floating dead fish appears to start behind the old car dealership across from Hess's gas station and continues to follow the river current south into South Tamaqua. The origin of the dead fish is hard to pinpoint due to the river's current. Half-gutted fish can also be seen in the river as well as throughout the river's banks as wild animals are eating the dead fish at they float closer to the river's banks.

A dead bat could also be seen at the river's bank, although this might not be related.

Officials from both organizations will spend more time over the next few days continuing their investigation into the cause and origin of the dead fish.