The annual fishing contest sponsored by the Palmerton Rod and Gun Club was held May 8 at Jeff George's pond along Forest Inn Road. Forty kids entered on what seemed like it was going to be a rainy day.

"Kids fish whether it is rain or shine, but parents have to put up with rain," said Brad Rex, who was helping with the contest.

He said the fish come from Bobby Getz in Jonas and are raised in the pond for a year by Jeff George. Consequently there are many large fish available.

Each entrant is allowed to catch five fish. The first persons to have their five fish limit received prizes as did the kids who caught the first five fish of the day.

There were also prizes in first place, Amanda Rodgers, 23 1/2-inches; second, Josh Suto, 22 1/2 inches; and third, Joseph Suto, 21 inches for the largest fish.

But everyone received a prize just for participating. There were tackle boxes and rods liberally sprinkled among the toys offered as prizes. Winners were able to choose their prize. Ken Sutton, who is the organizer, buys the prizes.

By 9 a.m. many had already caught their limit of five and a number measured over 20 inches. When the kids get done they can go over in the George's yard and play on the swing set until others complete their catch.

Ken George was watching the fishing when the subject of a dog that pointed came up. George told the story about a dog that would point a fish in a pond. "That dog would have pointed a fishing worm if you taught him," he said.