A NASA VIdeo Conference Event connected students in fifth grade at Panther Valley Elementary School to a NASA educational specialist from the Dryden Research Space Center in California.

The topic of the presentation was Planet Hopping through the Solar System with Mathematics.

Students learned many different facts about the Solar System such as gravity, mass, and how these two effect the height you would be able to jump on each planet.

David Alexander from NASA taught a short lesson on the mathematics of comparing their jump heights using fractions, decimals and rounding.

The students then worked together to measure their height jump on earth and used this number with an equation that Alexander gave them for each planet.

The students used calculators and their skills of rounding decimals to compare jump heights on all the planets.

"The video conference with NASA was the most interactive and engaging event that I planned at Panther Valley Elementary.

It was an awesome experience for both students and teachers to participate in", said Lori Hahn, computer teacher and coordinator of the event.

The inspiration for the planning of the video conference and funding of decorations and meter sticks is credited to the Carbon County Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees group.

Each student received a certificate from the endeavor.