Just before noon on Sunday, a call came out of an overturned kayak floating in the middle of the Tuscarora lake in the Tuscarora State Park. Many emergency services quickly converged on the scene. Although there was a kayak visible in the center of the Tuscarora Lake, no one was seen around the kayak. Emergency crews quickly determined that a 15-year-old girl accidentally flipped her kayak while trying to see how deep the lake was. After she flipped and landed in the water, other youngsters, also part of the same camping group, started screaming. A teacher, also a part of the same teacher-camping group, quickly got on a canoe, paddled to her, pulled her into the canoe, and quickly brought her back to the camping area to get warm. A DCNR State Park Ranger said the water was between 37 and 40 degrees and that the girl was properly wearing a (PFD) personal flotation device. Ryan Township Ambulance, Tamaqua Rescue, Tamaqua Fire Department, and Barnesville Dive Squad all responded to the call. Emergency workers treated her for hypothermia while other members of the camping crew retrieved the kayak. Her condition didn't demand further care as the family said they would take care of her.