Carbon County received the green light to subdivide its property in Weatherly.

During the monthly meeting of the county planning commission on Tuesday, the commission granted the county conditional plan approval for its proposal to create three lots on land that contains Weatherwood, the Carbon County Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center; Weatherly Borough's water tank; and the Evergreen Apartments, Weatherly Elderly Housing.

Ivan O. Meixell Jr., planner, told the board that the county's plan calls for a 29.242-acre tract, located at 1000 Evergreen Ave., Weatherly, to be subdivided. The reason for the subdivision is because Weatherwood is being sold. The land housing the borough's water tank and Evergreen Apartments is not included in the sale.

Prior to the vote, Meixell said, "the plan, as submitted lacked minor final plan requirements of the Weatherly Borough Subdivision and the Land Development Ordinance."

He added that six items need to be addressed by the county before the plan is complete.

He then recommended the board give conditional plan approval until all necessary requirements are addressed.

In other matters, the board voted on two subdivision proposals in the county. They include:

Ÿ Ruby E. Schnell received plan approval for a proposed subdivision at 428 Jefferson St., Franklin Township. The plan calls for subdividing a 2.0238-acre lot into a 1.9526-acre lot and a .0712-acre lot; and combining the smaller lot with a 1.0107-acre lot.

Ÿ LKQ Thruway Auto Corporation received conditional plan rejection for its proposed land development plan at 201 State Road, Parryville until all requirements are addressed and adequately mitigated. The plan called for the construction of a 50,083-square-foot warehouse facility with parking area and loading dock at an existing automobile salvage yard.