Sometimes a 10-for-10 deal is too important to pass up.

All it takes is 10 minutes to answer 10 questions in order for the U.S. Census Bureau to conduct its 23rd census.

Al Sellers, assistant for the Harrisburg District of the US Census, described the purpose and procedures for the upcoming census to Palmerton Area Chamber of Commerce members earlier this week.

Sellers said it's important to obtain full participation by all residents of Carbon County, which is one of Pennsylvania's fastest-growing counties.

He said an accurate census is critical, as over $400 billion in federal funds is distributed each year to states and communities based in part on census population data.

"It's important for Carbon (County) to get counted," Sellers said. "The importance of the census is something we should not underestimate."

The results help determine our representation in government, as well as how federal funds are spent in our community.

Peter Kern, Chamber president, said it's imperative for residents of the county to take an interest in the census.

"Not only should we participate in the census ourselves, but we should promote it," Kern said.

Sellers said the Census Bureau is recruiting temporary, part-time census takers.

He said the jobs offer good pay, paid training, flexible hours, and reimbursement for authorized work-related expenses, such as mileage.

Better yet, Sellers said census workers get to work right in their own communities.

To apply, contact your local census office, or call 1-866-861-2010.