Reverend Sir John Wesley visited the Salem United Methodist Church, Salem UMC, in Tamaqua recently.

Stuart Thody, a retired Elder of the United Methodist Church New York Conference has relocated to a long-time vacation home in Effort (near Brodheadsville). For several years Stuart has been presenting and preaching both a "living John Wesley and Charles Wesley".

Having been born in Leicestershire, England, Stuart, representing Sir John Wesley, complete with British accent, conducted a Worship Service at the Salem UMC. Stuart who has visited and studied in Epworth, Lincolnshire, the home of the Wesley's, also presented the sermon for the day, just as Wesley would have done. Rev.

Sir John arrived in full 18th period costume. The congregation was also dressed in 1700's attire. Sir John portrayed and presented American Methodists, the story of our faith heritage by preach the bible in the 1700's by the founder of our church.

An old style coffee fellowship was also held following the service.