Weatherly Area High School held its Senior Awards program for the Class of 2010 recently in the high school gym.

Students and the awards that they received are as follows: Good Citizenship Award: Shane P. Moran; 2009 FBLA State Leadership Workshop: Erica Koloski; Senior Correspondents to the Standard Speaker: Daniel Healy and Erica Koloski; Outstanding senior from the White Haven area: Amanda Migneco; Stephen Papincak Memorial Award: Mitchell Sharpe; Loretta and Harry Allison Memorial Scholarship: Jenette Stadnik.

Computer Applications (5th period): Angellica Scholler (highest average) and Hilori Rzotkiewicz (2nd highest); Computer Applications (6th period): Anthony Borell (highest average) and John Geguzis (2nd highest); Introduction to Business: Brandon Hanson (highest average); German IV: Christina Graham (highest average), Sally Reigle and Saranda Snyder (2nd highest), Jared Kalinowski (3rd highest); Economics: Cecilia Maleski (highest average), Nathan Pfeiffer (2nd highest)

International Studies: Nicholas Eroh (highest average), Trevor Coombs (2nd highest), Cecilia Maleski (3rd highest); Statistics/Probability: Erin Sarosky (highest average), Samantha Wheeler (2nd highest), Ashley Miller (3rd highest); Parenting: Erin Sarosky (highest average), Saranda Snyder (2nd highest); World of Work/ Food Science: Nicholas Eroh (highest average), Hilori Rzotkiewicz (2nd highest); Spanish IV: Cecilia Maleski and Jenette Stadnik (highest average), Nicole Caccese (2nd highest), Shane Moran (3rd highest).

Online Drivers Education: Daniel Healy (highest average), Erin Sarosky (3rd highest); Online Japanese II: Leah Pasons (highest average); American Mathematics Competition: Christina Graham, Amanda Migneco, Jared Kalinowski; Citizen's Bee: Shane Moran (highest average); Scholastic Scrimmage: Shane Moran, Nicholas Eroh; Calculus: Christina Graham (2nd highest average); Pre-Calculus: Sally Reigle (highest average), Jared Kalinowski (2nd highest), Daniel Healy (3rd highest).

Trigonometry: Shane Moran (highest average); Computer Programming: Jared Kalinowski (highest average); Graphic Design: Sally Reigle (highest average), Raymond Kochin (2nd highest), Mitchell Sharpe (3rd highest); Desktop Publishing: Nathan Pfeiffer (highest average), Jacob Lazar (2nd highest), Brandon Hanson (3rd highest); Biology II: Nicole Caccese (highest average), Amanda Migneco (2nd highest), Cecilia Maleski (3rd highest).

Environmental Science I: Melanie Clabia (highest average), Erin Sarosky (2nd highest). Regional Science Olympiad Participants: Nicole Caccese, Roberto Guinta, Melanie Clabia, Amanda Migneco, Christina Graham, Jenette Stadnik; Chemistry II / Physics II: Christina Graham (highest average), Jenette Stadnik (2nd highest), Roberto Giunta (3rd highest); Physics I: Tom Kew-Goodale (highest average); Best Sportsmanship and Effort in Physical Education: Nicole Caccese, Caitlin Lesko, Melanie Clabia, Amanda Migneco, Nicholas Eroh, Emily Mitchell, Kayla Furmanchin, Nathan Pfeiffer, Daniel Healy, Jenette Stadnik, Saranda Snyder.

Excellence in Fine Arts: Christina Graham (highest average), Jared Kalinowski (2nd highest), Ashlee Miller (3rd highest); Excellence in Advanced Art: Shane Moran, Leah Parsons and Jenette Stadnik (highest average), Brendan Rowan (2nd highest), Nicole Calia, Cecilia Maleski and Erin Sarosky (3rd highest); Consumer Math: Kayla Furmanchin and John Geguzis (highest average), Anthony Borelli (2nd highest); Functions of Math: Cecilia Maleski (highest average), Trevor Coombs (2nd highest), Arlena Parker (3rd highest).

Academic English IV: Nathan Pfeiffer (highest average), Angellica Scholler (2nd highest), Hilori Rzotkiewicz (3rd highest); AP English: Cecilia Maleski (highest average), Shane Moran (2nd highest), Nicholas Eroh (3rd highest); English IV: John Geguzis (highest average), Christopher Hoffman (2nd highest), Anthony Borelli (3rd highest); Advanced Technology Education: Jenette Stadnik (highest average), Keith Barna (2nd highest), John Geguzis (3rd highest).

Baseball Coaches' Award: Nathan Pfeiffer; Cheerleading Coaches' Award: Giovanna Petrone; Softball Coaches' Award: Kayla Furmanchin; Delrose Sportsmanship Awards: Brendan Rowan (boys basketball), Melanie Clabia (girls basketball), Keith Barna (baseball), Amber Hoffman (cheerleading); Senior Letters: Kelly Miller (cheerleading), Arlena Parker (volleyball) Nicole Calia (soccer and basketball), Amber Hoffman (cheerleading), Erica Koloski (soccer), Giovanna Petrone (cheerleading), Brendan Rowan (soccer and basketball).

Senior Plaques: Nicole Calia (soccer and basketball), Amber Hoffman (cheerleading), Erica Koloski (soccer), Giovanna Petrone (cheerleading), Brendan Rowan (soccer and basketball); Wendy's Heisman Award: Melanie Clabia and Nathan Pfeiffer; Schuylkill League Scholarships: Melanie Clabia and Nathan Pfeiffer; Ron C. Kelshaw Memorial Award: Keith Barna; Outstanding Female Athlete: Kayla Furmanchin.