A Celebration of Color exhibit opens this weekend with a reception from 6-10 o'clock this evening at Three Mountains Gallery, 29 Race St. in Jim Thorpe.

The exhibit features the work of five artists: author, international lecturer, and glass artist, Jayne Persico; edgy/romantic jewelry artist Dody Ottaviani; a new series of etchings by David Price, owner of the gallery; three dimensional paintings by the late Shozo Nagano; and a light sculptural Happening by Dan Becker.

The show continues on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. and is planned to continue for a number of weekends.

Persico is the author of four instructional books for glass artists. She teaches a variety of glass art techniques that she has developed, and regularly gives classes in Ireland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Canada and U.S, teaching at schools, glass industry events, private studios, retailers, glass distributors, and to support manufacturers with classes at the Corning Glass Museum and Waterford Crystal.

About 30 years ago, Persico began working in stained glass.

"I've always had an artistic side, she said. "I started in tradition leaded glass in the copper foil and lead Tiffany methods."

She loved glass and sought to gain greater artistic control by experimenting with heating it. Nearly 20 years ago, Persico opened a shop in Jim Thorpe called the St. Vatam, which she operated for seven years. She began experimenting with glass for items to sell in the shop.

"I got a lot of recognition in the industry because everyone wanted to learn what I was doing," she said. "Because there weren't any tools for it, it evolved into a business that I didn't start out to do. I developed the process, designed the tools, manufactured the tools, sold them to the distributors and retailers and taught all over the world."

Persico's glass designs encompass several techniques. The center of the exhibit displays her Pâte de Verre art boxes. Pâte de Verre means paste of glass. These pieces are made from crushed glass that she custom colors, molds and casts in a kiln in her Hazleton studio. Her designs are often composed of two or more castings that are fused together.

Her castings begin as clay or wax models. They are reproduced using a high temperature investment casting process to fuse the art glass. Casting temperatures range from 1350-1420 degrees.

Other displays highlight Persico's glass link jewelry and her colorful glass entertainment plates.

Dody Ottaviani works with Persico and also has her own line of stainless steel and sterling silver jewelry, often incorporating semiprecious stones.