Deanna Burger was at a Pleasant Valley Elementary School assembly that featured representatives talking about and explaining who and what Equi-librium was.

She learned that Equi-librium, located in Sciota, is a non-profit organization that offers equine-assisted activities for children and adults with special needs through horseback riding. It offers physical therapy while building self-esteem and confidence in a fun way.

"This is the one," she thought. "This is the charity we're looking for."

Deanna and her husband, Jeff Burger, own and operate the Beltzville Bar and Grill. They, along with a dedicated group of family, area business people, patrons and friends, organize two golf outing/pig roasts each year, donating the proceeds to a local charity.

Deanna and her friend, Connie Haydt, co-owner of Beltzville Beverage, both work with children with special needs.

"I didn't even know Equi-librium existed. I never realized how much horseback riding could benefit children. This just seemed like the perfect charity we were looking for."

At the next committee meeting, Deanna suggested Equi-librium and everyone unanimously voted to donate the event's proceeds to the organization.

The event was held on May 22 at Villa Crossings in Mahoning Valley with 93 golfers participating. It was a very successful fundraiser.

On Tuesday, June 2, Deanna proudly handed $4,885.03 to Pat Sayler, president and CEO of Equi-librium.

"I'm overwhelmed. This is phenomenal," Pat said when Deanna handed her the checks. "I am so amazed at the organization of this committee and the caring of this group. The teamwork is a tremendous example of what people can do for others."

Members of the committee are: Deanna and Jeff Burger, Connie Haydt, Hank and Lorraine Durkop, Diane and Mark Wicknick, Roy and Deanna Anthony, Stacia McCarty, Tracy Whitehead, Dori and Kevin Holmes, Desiree Greenzweig, Tina Beltz, Terry Cannon, Scott Carter, Jeff Lutz, Ashley Lutz, Tammy Lutz, Wayne Davis, Bob Parry, Pat Buccieri and Judy Shupp.

"This committee is great to work with. And we want to thank the community, our sponsors, donors and our patrons for coming out to support this event. They make this whole thing work," says Jeff Burger.

The next golf outing and pig roast will be held in September.

If anyone would like to participate, please contact Deanna or Jeff at 610-681-8181.