Kathy Long of Lehighton, well known artist and storyteller, will be holding the official release of her CD "The Legend of Glen Onoko and Other Stories" as well as her other CD "Spiders & Pickles & Mango, Oh My! Tales for the Holiday Season" at Godfrey Daniels.

This free show will happen on Wednesday, June 16, at 7 p.m. Godfrey Daniels, 7th East Fourth St. in South Bethlehem, is part of the Lehigh Valley Story Festival 2010.

Glen Onoko is situated in Jim Thorpe. It is a natural feature of several waterfalls located in a glen in the mountains in Lehigh Gorge State Park, which is part of the Lehigh and Delaware National Heritage Corridor.

Legends have swirled for years, but Long has created her own version, which has historical facts and real places sprinkled throughout.

She is noted for her holiday stories.

She is a featured storyteller at Eckley Miner's Village for their annual Christmas Program. Every year for many years she has created a new story for their program.

Some of the stories on her Christmas CD are original tales she created for the program. She likes to incorporate local customs and places in these stories as well, making them even more meaningful.

People of all ages – from nursery schools to nursing homes – make up Long's audiences. She believes everyone has a great capacity to learn through storytelling and it has a dual purpose – to entertain and to educate.

Storytelling can be used to enhance a curriculum or to create new ones, she said, adding that often people retain a lesson longer through the aid of storytelling.

Her intricate pen and ink artwork is recognized throughout the region and she has created several pieces for notable organizations.

She has taught courses at a local community college and she also works as a historical interpreter for the Asa Packer Mansion Museum in Jim Thorpe.

In cooperation with BRC-TV 13 she created a documentary called "Panorama: A Focus on Jim Thorpe" which garnered a prestigious national award and has aired several time on the History Channel.