They haven't yet reached technology guru status, but wizardry, perhaps.

From plants to computers, students at Slatington Elementary had all their bases covered.

The school recently held its annual Science and Technology Showcase, much to the delight of technology specialist Tim Weaber.

"The students demonstrated hands-on learning, and also computer classes," Weaber said.

As part of their project, Weaber said third grade students did research and a newsletter, fourth graders did research and a brochure, and fifth and sixth graders worked on a power point presentation.

In addition, members of the Slatington Elementary Tech Wizards Club demonstrated their computer fair projects.

Sixth graders Noah Freudenberger and Jose Avila said they made the design for the T-shirt in graphic design, where their project took first place in the middle school contest.

"I felt honored," Freudenberger said. "I learned a lot more about the borders around it."

Avila added that he was proud.

"I learned how to print out designs and make designs on the computer," Avila said.

Fellow sixth grader Alexis Merkle said the purpose of her PC Fair Logo was to design a logo for the Pennsylvania Computer Fair.

"I used the computer to draw," Merkle said. "We made the T-shirts through screen printing."