Dillan Zellers of Lehighton, a member of Ben Salem Church, visited Jerusalem Lutheran Church, Trachsville, on May 23. He performed several songs for the congregation and told them about his July mission to Botswana, Africa.

Zellers says he has been singing his entire life and credits his grandmother, Audrey Milan, for that interest. She is still his accompanist.

The junior at Mansfield University attended Lehighton High School. He is a business major at Mansfield and plans to continue his education at a seminary after graduation and become a minister.

Right now he is focused on his mission trip to Botswana. He has traveled to several countries in Europe but has never been in Africa. It is one of 200 mission trips offered through the Campus Crusade for Christ, an organization found on many college campuses.

He said there are 40 people in the Campus Crusade at Mansfield and 21 of them are going on missions. Zellers is the only one going to Botswana but is not concerned that he will be alone.

He will be leaving July 6 and will return Aug. 8. The first half of his time will be spent at a feeding station in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, where homeless street orphans come for one meal a day. They receive a plate of rice with red sauce.

Zellers said approximately 180 a day show up for a meal. The state provides the food and a local church, the Church of God, does the cooking.

Currently there is only one stall for men and one for women at the feeding station restrooms. Money is being raised to expand the restroom facilities - $100,000 is required.

The second half of his time in Africa will be at the University of Botswana where they will be spreading the gospel to students.

Since this is the only university in the country, it is where the leaders of the future will come from.

"Their world is 100 percent different from ours. We need to show them love and companionship," said Zellers.

He said funding the trip is "putting trust in God." The money comes from love offerings at churches and donations. This summer he will be working at Pocono Whitewater to earn money for the trip.

"I am really excited," Zellers said.

His parents are Audra Sensinger and Mark Zellers.