Dear Editor:

After boring my friends over the last couple years with my rant in regard to avoiding self check out and E-Z pass because it eliminates jobs and future employment for our youth.

The recent act to increase turnpike tolls by 10 percent if paying cash or 3 percent if paid by E-Z pass compelled me to submit this letter.

I've endured long lines at Lowe's single check out lane, refusing self check out because it takes jobs away. One employee can monitor three self check out lines and big brother can save paying two salaries and employee benefits.

I've waited in toll lanes on the turnpike for the same reason. E-Z pass is limiting current and future employment to make it more convenient for travelers. Once again big brother is saving money and placing more people in the unemployment lines. Cashiers and toll collectors have supported families for decades. Our children and grandchildren will suffer the consequence. We have only scratched the surface of the unemployed.

Within the next five to ten years food markets and home improvement stores will issue hand held self check out scanners to each customer. This will eliminate all check out registers. The customer will scan their items when placing them in their carts. Prior to exiting the store the customer will bag the items and pay by a swipe card similar to E-Z pass. Therefore, hiring less employees. You will only need one employee to issue and collect the scanners. One maybe two employees to assist you with the check out.

Robert Miller

Jim Thorpe